We are two seasoned entrepreneurs with many years of engagement in the fine food industry. Together we created Hutsmith Gourmet LLP.

Hutsmith Gourmet LLP is thus the amalgamation of two well-known organisations, namely Indian Hut Pvt. Ltd. & Foodsmith International Pvt. Ltd.

Sanjay Saxena, Director of Indian Hut Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged in import and distribution of dairy products since 2002. Gaurava Vatsa of Foodsmith International Pvt. Ltd. on the other hand has been importing and distributing meat products since 2004.

Hutsmith Gourmet LLP supplies fine foods to 5 star hotels, stand-alone restaurants, flight kitchens, super markets, retail outlets and catering companies.

The fine foods industry is a fast growing, need-based and recession-proof industry. Studies suggest that there will be a multi-fold growth in this industry in the coming decade.


Gaurava Vatsa had his first exposure in the corporate sector at Gujarat Co-operative Marketing Pvt Ltd, popularly known as AMUL in the year 2000. Later, he was instrumental in launching various popular international diary brands like Arla (Denmark), Lactalis (President, France), etc. He did his training at Golfera, a meat manufacturing plant in Bologna, Italy where he learned about specialty meats of Italy.

He has imported some of the most popular brands from Italy, Spain and European countries.

Sanjay Saxena has been focussing on cheese imports and distribution; he handles various popular European cheese brands as an importer and distributor. Despite his success in multiple other businesses as well, he remains very passionate about expanding the food business. Sanjay handles a number of brands & companies like Emborg, Squiby Foods, Wyke Farms, Gran Natura & more.


Hutsmith Gourmet LLP runs as an independent business house. We employ dedicated and skilled staff with years of experience in dealing with hotels, restaurants, flight kitchens and retail outlets.

Hutsmith Gourmet LLP is based in South Delhi where we have our own refrigeration centre and walk-in cold room. Our distribution centres are spread all over India. The Hutsmith-team supplies its range of chilled & frozen foods enforcing strictest monitoring and controls to ensure highest standards of quality and food-safety. Hutsmith Gourmet LLP is recognized for their reliability as well as the fast and efficient turn-around of products.


At Hutsmith Gourmet LLP we draw on a national and international network of suppliers providing products to suit the requirements of the company’s fast growing and varied list of customers.

Equipped with years of experience, a modern and distinguished infrastructure and a passionate commitment to quality, we at Hutsmith Gourmet LLP strive towards being the preferred fine food supplier for hotels, restaurants and flight kitchens in India.

Through impeccable product quality and service we at Hutsmith Gourmet LLP tirelessly work to add real value to our customer.


Hutsmith Gourmet LLP’s aim is to expand the reach of speciality fine foods such as dairy products (cheese, butter & yogurt), speciality meats (lamb, duck, chicken, turkey & pork), seafood (Indian & imported) to its clients based all over the country. Gaurava and Sanjay often travel to Europe to explore evermore possibilities of importing products keeping in mind the needs and fancies of their clients based in India.


Hutsmith Gourmet LLP’s services for the retail sector are designed and rendered to meet the needs of the end-users. This also includes the need to supply quality products consistently and within specified and stressful time-frames. Therefore, our delivery system is on 0-0 or 0-1 day basis as we respect and value the needs of our customers.


Our quality and consistency are often appreciated and recognized by leading 5-star hotels in India. Our commitment to impeccable service has won the hearts of many chefs working in the industry. Consistency in supplies have made our clients seek Hutsmith Gourmet LLP to meet their special and specific needs on a regular and sometimes urgent basis.

We have also been working very closely with our suppliers (exporters and manufacturers) to develop products to specially meet the needs of professional chefs who look for the best products and at the same time expect full value for money.

Being recognized as a reliable supplier in the industry many chefs rely on Hutsmith Gourmet LLP to meet their regular as well as their special needs.